Wedding Polki Diamond 925 Silver Band Ring


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  • Handmade
  • 925 Sterling Silver
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Wedding Polki Diamond 925 Silver Band Ring: A Symbol of Timeless Commitment

A wedding is a profound celebration of love and commitment, and the choice of a wedding ring holds immense significance in this beautiful journey. The Wedding Polki Diamond 925 Silver Band Ring stands as a remarkable testament to the enduring bond between two souls. It combines the unique charm of Polki diamonds with the elegance of sterling silver to create a ring that’s not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful.

The Captivating Polki Diamonds

Polki diamonds, often referred to as “Uncut Diamonds,” possess a distinct allure that sets them apart from traditionally cut gems. These diamonds retain their natural form, showcasing an unrefined, rustic beauty. The imperfections in Polki diamonds make each stone unique, symbolizing the beauty of embracing flaws and imperfections in a relationship.

Elegance in Sterling Silver

Crafted in 925 sterling silver, this band ring offers more than just beauty. Sterling silver is known for its durability and ability to maintain its shine over time, mirroring the enduring qualities of a loving marriage. Its gentle gleam serves as a constant reminder of the precious commitment made on the wedding day.

A Ring for Eternity

The Wedding Polki Diamond 925 Silver Band Ring is designed to symbolize eternal love. Its timeless and simple design signifies a bond that transcends the ages. It’s a promise to stand by each other through all of life’s seasons, embracing the joys and challenges together.

Versatile Elegance

While this band ring is perfect as a wedding ring, it’s versatile enough to be worn beyond the wedding day. Its elegance makes it a beautiful accessory for formal occasions, daily wear, or as a complement to other jewelry pieces.



Metal Purity

925 Sterling Silver

Main Stone


Main Stone Creation


Polki Diamond Wt.


Diamond Clarity


Diamond Cut

Rose Cut



Diamond Color

Tinted Brown

Silver Wt.


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