Vintage Inspired 18.25ct rose cut diamond emerald 925 silver Tiara Crown


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  • Handmade
  • 925 Sterling Silver
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In a world where people often prefer modern jewelry, there’s something very special about jewelry that looks like it comes from the past. It’s a crown that reminds us of a time when things were elegant and graceful. Skilled craftsmen made it with great care, paying close attention to every detail. This tiara crown has special diamonds called “rose-cut diamonds,” gorgeous emeralds, and it’s made from a strong kind of silver called “925 sterling silver.”

The most important part of this tiara is the rose-cut diamonds. They are different from the shiny diamonds you usually see in new jewelry. These diamonds are cut in a way that makes them look like the petals of a rose in full bloom. When light touches them, they create a gentle and romantic sparkle. They make the tiara feel like it’s from a long time ago, full of elegance and charm.

Adding to the charm of this tiara are the emerald gemstones. Emeralds are famous for their deep green color, and people have loved them for a very long time as symbols of new beginnings and love. These green emeralds bring color to the tiara and go really well with the diamonds. The mix of green emeralds and sparkling diamonds not only makes the tiara look more interesting but also gives it a touch of nature’s beauty.

To make sure this tiara stays strong and beautiful, it’s made from 925 sterling silver. This kind of silver is known for being tough and dependable. It gives a solid base for the gemstones and makes the tiara look even more vintage and elegant.


925 Sterling Silver

Diamond Wt.


Diamond Color

Tinted Brown

Diamond Cut

Rose Cut

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