Retro Modern jewelry Polki Rose Cut Diamond Silver Earrings


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  • 925 Sterling Silver
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Introducing the Polki Rose Cut Diamond Emerald Silver Danglers Earrings, a beautiful and unique pair of earrings that bring together the charm of Polki diamonds, the sparkle of rose-cut diamonds, and the elegance of emeralds. These earrings are a perfect blend of traditional beauty and modern style.

What Makes Them Special:

These earrings are extra special because they feature three beautiful things: Polki diamonds, rose-cut diamonds, and emeralds.

  • Polki Diamonds: Polki diamonds are natural and uncut, giving them a unique and rustic look. They are known for their raw beauty, and each one is carefully shaped to create these earrings.
  • Rose-Cut Diamonds: The rose-cut diamonds on these earrings have many flat surfaces that catch and reflect light, making them sparkle in a charming way.
  • Emeralds: Emeralds are green gemstones that have been loved by royalty for ages. They bring a touch of nature’s beauty to these earrings.

The Silver Setting:

The earrings are made from 925 sterling silver, a strong and shiny metal. This silver setting provides a sturdy and beautiful frame for the diamonds and emeralds. The design of these earrings is intricate and detailed, showing the skill of the craftsmen who made them.

Perfect for Any Occasion:

You can wear these earrings for many different occasions. Whether it’s a special event, a celebration, or just to add some glamour to your everyday look, these earrings are versatile and elegant. They are designed to be timeless, so you can enjoy them for a long time.

A Timeless Treasure:

The Polki Rose Cut Diamond Emerald Silver Danglers Earrings are more than just jewelry; they are a precious treasure. They blend tradition and modern style to create a unique and captivating look. These earrings are not just something you wear; they are a statement of beauty and grace.



Metal Purity

925 Sterling Silver

Main Stone


Secondary Stone

Emerald(Lab Created)

Main Stone Creation


Rose Cut Diamond Wt.


Polki Diamond Wt.


Diamond Clarity


Diamond Cut

Rose Cut



Diamond Color

Tinted Brown

Jewelry Type


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