Princess tiara Victorian inspired 14.58ct rose cut diamond silver


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From queens to princesses, the tiara has stood as a hallmark of composure, luxury, and noble allure. This particular time-frame impresses with elaborate craft-work and ornate appeal. Exuding enduring charm reminiscent of yesteryear, the Princess Tiara features diamond accents and radiant amethyst stones nestled within a generous silvery framework.

Informed by the era’s moral values and emotional perspectives, Victorian jewelry design evolved into ornate creations that celebrated affection in all its forms. Their singular faceting and enchanting appeal made them especially prized among these styles. These diamonds are strategically positioned with precision to craft an entrancing glimmer embodying the essence Victorian extravagance.

Aligning with the rich history of opulence and esteem, amethyst harmoniously complement’s diamond adorned tiaras. A venerable quality permeates these tiaras ornamented by a velvet encrusted deep plum color—a pigment revered globally because of how exquisitely it transforms kings, presidents, emperors…and everyone who’s born with, or happily grows old, into royalty (of any diminutive variety). By pairing rose cut diamonds alongside amethyst gems, an eye-catching unity of tints and finishes emerges, instilling airs of polished chic and irresistible appeal.

Masterfully executed in silver, the Princess Tiara seamlessly blends timeless craftsmanship with innovative style elements characteristic of Modernist movements. Facilitating their brightness, the silvery foundation ennobles jewels and precious stones alike. By harmoniously merging traditional and trendy qualities, the tiara becomes inclusive attire; appropriate occurrence inclination extends across elegant ceremonies like matrimony to sophisticated soirees.


925 Sterling Silver

Diamond Wt.


Diamond Color

Tinted Brown

Diamond Cut

Rose Cut

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