Handmade Vintage Inspired 10.20ct Rose Cut Diamond Pearl Tiara


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  • Handmade
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Made to Order
  • 15-20 Day Handling Time
  • Premium Quality
  • Excellent Design

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Introduction: Jewelry can take us back in time, making us feel like we’re part of history. The “Oxidized Victorian Pearl Silver Tiara” is a piece of jewelry that does just that. It’s like a beautiful treasure from a long time ago. This tiara is carefully made with darkened silver and lovely pearls, giving it a vintage and charming look.

A Glimpse into the Victorian Era: The Victorian era happened a long time ago when Queen Victoria ruled England from 1837 to 1901. During this time, people loved intricate and meaningful jewelry. The Oxidized Victorian Pearl Silver Tiara is inspired by this era’s style.

Elegant Oxidized Silver: The tiara is made from oxidized silver, which means the silver is intentionally darkened to make it look old. This dark silver creates a lovely contrast with the shiny pearls. It makes the tiara look like something queens and nobles would have worn in the past.

Pearls have been cherished in the world of jewelry for a very long time. They are known for their natural beauty and timeless elegance. The Oxidized Victorian Pearl Silver Tiara is adorned with beautiful pearls that make it look even more elegant. These pearls are chosen carefully to make sure they shine and add to the tiara’s vintage style.

In the past, tiaras were worn by queens and important people at fancy events. Today, the Oxidized Victorian Pearl Silver Tiara lets anyone feel like royalty. You can wear it for weddings, special parties, or just to look unique and stylish. This tiara brings the elegance of the past into the present.



Metal Purity

925 Sterling Silver

Main Stone


Secondary Stone

Pearl(Lab Created)

Main Stone Creation


Diamond Wt.


Diamond Clarity


Diamond Cut

Rose Cut



Diamond Color

Tinted Brown

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