Cross Polki Rose Cut Diamond 925 Silver Pendant


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The Cross is a universal symbol of faith and spirituality, representing the enduring belief in a higher power and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. For centuries, it has held a special place in the hearts of millions around the world. The “Cross Polki Rose Cut Diamond 925 Silver Pendant” beautifully combines this timeless symbol with the elegance of Polki rose-cut diamonds and the purity of 925 sterling silver.

Crafted with precision and care, this pendant is a testament to both exquisite craftsmanship and spiritual devotion. The use of 925 sterling silver as the base metal is not only symbolic but also practical. Silver is known for its purity and durability, making it an excellent choice for jewelry that holds sentimental value. It serves as a perfect canvas for the Cross, allowing it to shine with grace and significance.

The Cross itself is a remarkable representation of faith and love. It stands as a reminder of Christ’s sacrifice and the hope it brings to those who believe. The pendant’s design ensures that the Cross is prominently displayed, allowing you to carry your faith close to your heart.

What truly sets this pendant apart is the inclusion of Polki rose-cut diamonds. These diamonds are unique and captivating, possessing a rustic charm and a distinct sparkle. Unlike traditional, highly polished diamonds, Polki diamonds are uncut and natural, making each stone one-of-a-kind. The careful selection of Polki diamonds ensures that your pendant not only sparkles brilliantly but also carries a sense of individuality and character.

The presence of diamonds in the Cross pendant enhances its aesthetic appeal and deepens its spiritual significance. Diamonds symbolize purity, eternity, and inner strength. When combined with the Cross, they represent the enduring strength of faith and the unwavering connection between the wearer and their spiritual beliefs.



Metal Purity

925 Sterling Silver

Main Stone


Main Stone Creation


Rose Cut Diamond Wt.


Polki Diamond Wt.


Diamond Clarity


Diamond Cut

Rose Cut



Diamond Color

Tinted Brown

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