925 Wedding tiara Victorian Inspired 13.20ct Rose Cut Diamond Amethyst


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  • Handmade
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Made to Order
  • 15-20 Day Handling Time
  • Premium Quality
  • Excellent Design

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Step into the timeless allure of our “925 Wedding Tiara: Victorian Inspired,” adorned with a mesmerizing 13.20ct Rose Cut Diamond and Amethyst. This exquisite bridal crown is a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication, meticulously crafted in high-quality 925 Sterling Silver.

Inspired by the opulence of the Victorian era, this tiara captures the essence of romance with its intricate detailing and regal charm. The 13.20ct Rose Cut Diamond takes center stage, exuding brilliance and enchantment. Its unique cut reflects a vintage aesthetic, reminiscent of a bygone era yet seamlessly blending with contemporary bridal styles.

The ethereal Amethyst accents add a touch of royalty, symbolizing deep love and spiritual connection. Set within the delicate silver framework, each Amethyst gemstone enhances the tiara’s overall allure, creating a harmonious balance between the bold brilliance of diamonds and the subtle elegance of amethyst.

Crafted with precision and passion, this wedding tiara is more than a mere accessory; it’s a wearable work of art. The intricate detailing along the silver frame showcases the dedication of our skilled artisans, ensuring that each piece is a unique expression of craftsmanship.

Wearing the “925 Wedding Tiara: Victorian Inspired” is not just about completing a bridal ensemble; it’s about embodying the grace and charm of a bygone era while making a timeless statement. The lightweight design ensures comfort without compromising on the regal presence, allowing you to revel in the magic of your special day.

Make a statement on your wedding day with this Victorian-inspired tiara, a symbol of enduring love and exquisite taste. Let the 13.20ct Rose Cut Diamond and Amethyst crown you with elegance, turning your bridal look into a masterpiece that transcends time.


925 Sterling Silver

Diamond Wt.


Diamond Color

Tinted Brown

Diamond Cut

Rose Cut

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